How is Wasiad different?

Most Healthcare "Plans" Are Too Expensive

Everyone knows that healthcare costs are rising for employers and their employees. However, since many organizations do not understand why their healthcare costs are skyrocketing, they believe that the only way to control these costs is by switching insurance carriers or by reducing benefits.  At Wasiad we believe there is a better way.  

We Listen

Nobody knows your business better than you do.  We don't just want to know where you are now.  We want to know where you want your organization to be in the future.  The better we understand your long-term goals for your organization, the more we can help you create a plan that is sustainable.  

We Analyze

At Waisad we believe that an organization is a group of people with different needs that require personalized solutions, not merely a mathematical model to be studied and optimized.  The days of "one size fits all healthcare" are over.  We can help each member of your organization chose the option that best serves his or her needs.

We Partner

In the last few years, many organizations have suffered the trauma of huge price increases in their company health insurance premiums.  The fallout from these increases has caused many organizations to change their insurance providers, which can disrupt the relationships between employees and their healthcare providers.  Wasiad partners with organizations to design health benefit plans that are cost-effective in the present and sustainable for the future.