Helping Organizations Since 2003

The seeds for Wasiad (pronounced wuh-SY-ud) Benefits Solutions were planted during the darkest days of the California Workers Compensation crisis in 2003.  Crippling increases in worker's compensation insurance costs forced many employers to seek creative ways to run their operations more efficiently.  From 2003-2007 the leadership team of Trinity Occupational Health provided companies with innovative solutions to help them analyze their existing strategies, stabelize costs and implement long-term strategies for sustainable savings.  By 2007, Trinity was serving over 20,000 employees at more than 800 companies in the public and private sectors, including Foster Farms, E&J Gallo Winery, and Valley Fresh Foods.  In 2007, US Health Works, the nations's second largest provider of occupational medical services, purchased Trinity Occupational Health*, thus ending one story and beginning another.   Like Trinity Occupational Health, Wasiad Benefits Solutions was formed with the same goal of helping organizations pursue high-quality, cost-sensitive solutions for employee health and wellness.  Wasiad partners with some of the biggest names in healthcare insurance, banking, and compliance administration.   With the implemenation of the Affordable Care Act in 2012, the landscape of Amercian healthcare is undergoing a period of unprecedented change. Wasiad Benefits Solutions is ready to help organizations thrive in this complex and dynamic environment.